by Cauterized

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released May 18, 2007

Antti Kivilahti - drum programming
Shukri Adams - vocals/guitars/bass

All music by Adams/Kivilahti. Lyrics by Adams.

Cover photography by Janne Karvo (www.jannekarvo.com).


all rights reserved



Cauterized Rovaniemi, Finland

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Track Name: Radio free America
the tired and weary guard your far shores
a ceaseless watch born from endless wars
ever-wary, armed, forewarned
await the foe that never comes
retreat behind your steel resolve
yet it’s fear that drove you and built these walls

how did you come to know such unease
is it fear of revenge by those that you've deceived?

we're sending all our pleas
hoping some will hear them
hoping some may pause for thought

we once shared your ideals
but now we've lost all contact
all we hear the Drums of War

is there life behind the mile-high wall
do thinking minds respond
or are you deaf to all but the claxon's call?

is there thought at all
or just the machination of the Womb of War?
Track Name: Freedom fighters
"horde of rage exalted
rise and conquer all before you
bondsmen of war seek out
and rid the world of all that's faulted
strike in freedom's name
thus tyranny shall finally falter
heed no dying screams
as freedom's bane you shan't be halted"

we praise your deeds down on our knees
we follow lest we taste your fury
yield in fear as death crawls near
servitude our only duty

chosen for murder forced to kill
march on till we're victorious
we deal out death to all your foes
and taste their flesh so glorious

the forward line the burning wave
bravado cannot hide our shame

innocent and innocence await the same callous fate
gripped by fear of what may befall us
should we offer resistance
we yield like beasts, stripped of all
like cannibals, feed on our own
not dogs of war, but hounds of hell
used in the hunt for human kill!

I am not, will not, cannot be
your ghost faced killing machine
I will not pull the trigger
when it's your cold hand that takes my aim!

chosen to die to sacrifice
until you are victorious
our bodies lie in heaps piled high
a hero's end so glorious
Track Name: The gift of fury
I the nation I the creed
rally to me in times of need

I the saviour and the soul
patriot do as you're told

revealed to you my greatest gift
focus for fury conduit for wrath

I give to thee ... an Enemy!

I am embedded
meshed within your faces
your countenance is shifted
I will not be removed
cast me off
and I'll see you to your doom

like a parasite clinging to the host in desperation
I'd rather kill you
than face my worthless life's rejection
Track Name: Slave caste
slave caste - in obedience trudge along my friend
chained to - a master's fortune that you still defend
robbed of - the will to be any more than this
helpless - without wiser hands to guide your fate

someone came to set your free
left you standing aimless
believing that you'd run take your own existence
but fawning like a dog trying to win back favour
you've crawl right on back
to the one who held you under

now it’s so clear : complacent is how you've been bred
generations uncounted
whipped and broken you cannot fend
thus a lesson learned it seems
that freedom can’t be given
if not taken by show of will, it truly has no value

struggling to deal now that you're free
identity bound to the one you must flee

forever cast as the subservient fool
obsequious subject yet one who resents his rule

bound together slave and master
no escape from your common fate
perverse dependence, lashed together
sinking helplessly, you wait
until at last, you cast the torch
destroying all which you hate
all that your are, your master's splendour
your own pyre, by your own hands ... incinerate
Track Name: Homo sapiens disease
there is a scar on the face of the world
a wound that won’t heal, disease without cure
there is a foulness that lurks in our hearts
doomed by our nature, for we are the dark

breeding, a ravage unchecked
touched and then left for dead
all shall whither and fail
by our hands, Gaia's bane
ruin and filth and decay
hate and war are our plagues
burning raping species
Homo sapiens disease

this curse called man we have seen
eat its own offspring alive
slit its own throat in greed
in its lust to survive
ruin and filth and decay
hate and war are our names
the extinction species
mankind is the disease
Track Name: Cop out
where is order
the system of ruling the people's power?
urban warfare
this anarchistic looting spree
unmatched unstopped
violating all they touch
trigger riots
by baton-charging peaceful protest

marshal law on the streets
mobilized to suppress
the masses finally realize
they're sold out by their government

take back control at any costs
regardless of the consequence
pulverize the innocent
hold them down
shut them out
lock them in
beat them up
quell their dissent!

masked out hidden
uniformed criminals sowing mayhem
burning, killing
dispense the law through random beatings
snipers, teargas
the police state army ramming its fist down

they have copped out
betrayed the oath to protect our voice
our laws, our rights
desperate to hold the tide back
failure, betrayal, civic rule enforced by violence
Track Name: Survival of the cruellest
so lofty, so exalted, yet you cannot feel
greater through evolution? an untested ideal!

conquests trail led to slavery's ports
industrial corrosion to a class of serfs
colonial denuding birthed a god of greed
the worship of the “I” that never feels replete

survival of the cruellest what you mean
litany of oppression, your legacy revealed

to material lords
make your sacrifice
religion of conquest
eradicating life
victimize no man?
weaker and the meek
are not even human
just there to serve your needs

survival of the cruellest, what you mean
litany of oppression, your legacy revealed
Track Name: Nazi scapegoat
cast out ... scapegoat
focus target
straw man ...diversion
from the real ills
social failure
violent racists
nazi even you are deceived

society at large is struggling to adapt
unwilling to accept unable to act
fail to tolerate xenophobes them all
hide behind extremists ... ones who'll take the fall

sacrifice a few so others can escape
with the worse examples wipe away your guilt
the hate they live and breathe goes further than you think
its stink corrupts you all you fucking pigs!

you’ve been sold out
nazi scapegoat
Track Name: Police state earth
razor wire lines, armour piercing rounds
APCs, choke-points

anti-human being, anti-innocent
lowest common values
killed obedient

tear-gas for resistance, bullets for dissent
turn on our own, by our own
the great western temperament?
I thought we were the ones
to light and lead the way
through the fields of death and lies
we've led the world astray
Track Name: All-consuming worms
like a herd of swine they scream
in a frenzy trying to feed
clamouring, push aside, try to force their heads inside gorging on the writhing few
feed on the weak all life consumed

vomiting from all they eat
beyond bloated and still they need
maceration of a world engulfed by all consuming worms

an orgy of ingesting fails to satisfy
distorted still they crave
the filthy rich are the ever-needy
beating all others back, this horde of the hungry

they are the ones who usurped the role of master
all others shall effect their will
to serve to toil to harvest
no ending in sight, their lust is ever-growing
all we have is all they want, but even that is not enough

they vomit out the world they eat
corrupted, dying, blackened, leached
consume, destroy, engulf and burn
the horde of all-consuming worms
Track Name: Media blackout
all I believe is nothing
hosed down with an ice cold stream of lies
I try to stand and take it
bite down on the taste of bile

I just want you to know I know
it's all bullshit, it's all made up
play the tune of powercrats
the flute is news, and we're the rats

embedding reporters with the troops on the front
implanting lies, in the stories you dream up

weave together a construct of half truths, misquotes, and outright lies
tear apart reality, then rebuild it before our eyes

I've blacked out the media
see no lies, hear no one die
the myth of free press shattered
distort for profit, bottom line

no one bothers to cover,
the death of truth, assassinated
failed to serve your purpose
erased replaced, new name and face

gunned down truth in plain sight
the whole world sees, yet no one screams
the masses know, but care? we don’t
we'd rather live the media dream
Track Name: 12 Megaton
with sickening guile you're trying to sell
the ideal of a controlled war
accurate, unquestionable laser strikes and robot drones
viewed from above, monochromed a human life in pixel form
zero the crosshair and press return
that pixel cluster moves no more

are these the hero soldiers of the new age
remote-directed carnage from a thousand miles way?

no effort spared so that your lives may be saved
but with total indifference to the countless you take
from cowardly safety rain down your death
when you kill from afar your bravery's forfeit

time and again your nature revealed
cringing from danger unable to deal
with the risks inherent in the killing you crave
in the rage that you worship, in the wars you must wage

12 megatons, 200,000 dead, fast forward to today
and a pattern still unchanged
subverting all that's learned, twisting our every gain
yearn forever murder, a better killing dream
there are no laws for chaos
no controlled murderous spree
just animals in human skins
just death and hate and fear
Track Name: Coalition of the killing
creeping, lurking, a runt in the shadows
pander, fawning, paw at the side of your master
so worthless, weakling, scavenge for morsels
left behind by the spectre you follow

what lies must you tell yourself
to live that worthless life?
instead of standing for the truth
you snatched what you could

never stood for anything cop out, yield again
surrender at a show of force
where is your fucking voice?

proud ally in the coalition of killing
where's the glory you bought?
you cower from fighting
like all the wars you fought by evading
convenience is all that you're saving
Track Name: Feed on the fallen
today we birth the god of vengeance
from these wounds these scars that mark and vex us

let none forget our cross of pain
for we reopen wounds so we may always feel

our enemies shall taste our fury
of a million deaths unleashed
friend and foe merged in bloodlust's haze
as we exterminate all those who dared

all shall fall! and all will burn!

assimilate or terminate a marching horde with but one aim
leave the husks of widows and orphans
upon steppes of human ash

we have become death itself a pestilence of killing lust
we became hate to eradicate hate
we devoured them and thus assumed their face
Track Name: Blame it on zog
a shadow lurks behind all that is
a hand of deceit reaches and manipulates
a six pointed star torments your every step
and the rats of corruption spread and infest ....?

lies! convenience gave you
a scapegoat saviour To Blame

with your own words admit defeat
out-thought, outdone, in retreat
your ignorance morphs into rage
unknowing blindness, seek a target for your hate

victimizing the most prominent outsiders
if not Jews, then any other
the race may differ, but the excuses stay the same

a Jewish plot
conspiring to defeat your will?
but you claim Greatness
how could these "untermensh" bring you down?

by a born social failure
angered, in desperation
shoot up with uncut hatred
Track Name: Bonfire of the flags
burn your flag your nation state
all that you uphold, protect
torch the pledge that ties you to
the obsolete, the out of tune
is it you? that scar called creed
or an indoctrinated need?
to feel united when apart
by race ,language, creed or god

the joy, the rapture, so trivial, so arbitrary
caged behind borders
to some it seems that means they're free

no predrawn compulsions
choose your side from what you see
your allies those whom you believe in
eyes and mind torn open

a bonfire of flags results in unity
the colours lost the bridges burnt
our choices freed
questioning the nation-dream they've sold to us
divided, conquered, held apart
Track Name: Human shrapnel
just another face in a faceless crowd
drifting through throngs but he is alone
a nervous sweat, a trembling hand
the dying thoughts of a cornered man
the nameless, hopeless, drifting by
oblivious, that it's their time to die

your deaths erase his pain
a passing eased by those he maims
no silence, no angels stealing flight
from perfect to death-bringing light

so many erased in a second, reduced to a memory
undone by an instant of selfish killing need

lives put out by flying spite
bodies recoil, scattered like leaves
targetless murder, take whom you please
no smoke no flames, just a hail of debris
against its cruel claws all flesh must yield

against the white light of divining it seems
all flesh turns black and death is revealed
is this the hand of god or the fist of defeat
that one shall thus kill as the only release?